Need a logo for your business?

What's in a logo?
Sounds like a simple question, right? Let's take a crash course in logo education by paraphrasing Inc. Magazine's “4 Characteristics of Great Logo Design.” Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer best known for the "I Love New York" logo, says that it has to do with simplicity. "You want to move the viewer in a perception so that when they first look at [the logo]...they get the idea, because that act between seeing and understanding is critical.”

  1. Make it unique. Your logo should stand out and be recognized among the slew of others in the same market space. According to graphic designer David Airey, you should keep in mind that a logo doesn't need to say what a company does. "The Mercedes logo isn't a car. The Virgin Atlantic logo isn't an airplane. The Apple logo isn't a computer.”
  2. Make it adaptable. Strong logos translate well across different mediums. Will your logo evoke the same meaning on a business card as it will on a billboard? "Keeping the design simple allows for flexibility in size," writes Airey. 
  3. Make it timeless. Milton Glaser’s "I Love New York" logo is still ubiquitous 36 years later. "I did the bloody thing in 1975, and I thought it would last a couple of months as a promotion and disappear," he said in a Big Think interview. Eddie Opara of international design firm Pentagram says it's the neutrality of a design that makes a logo timeless. Referring to the NBC Universal logo as an example, he says, "You look at the clean lines, the symmetry, the modernist structure, the neutrality behind it...and it really exposes the timeless quality." 
  4. Make it appropriate. Before embarking on any sort of marketing campaign, you must first nail down your target audience. A logo needs to accurately reflect a company's culture and valuesthe company's essence.

How much does a logo cost?
The truth is charging for a logo is a fairly subjective process that hinges on your specific needs. If you're in the market for a cookie-cutter logo with a budget of a couple hundred bucks, an inexpensive stock logo might be the way to go, & that's totally ok! I like to manage client expectations up front, and now's a good time to establish that rhythm. 

So, we've determined an effective logo is likely to cost more than a fancy night on the town. What can you expect...$800, $1,000, $2,000...more? It's sort of like asking how much a home costs. That depends on the type of home, how many bedrooms, what neighborhood, new or in need or renovations? As with many decisions that require a commitment, the answer starts with a conversation. 

Ok, you get it, a logo is kind of a big deal. So where do we start?
I know, probably not the simple answer you were hoping for, right? Here's the part where I suggest that you begin by filling out a super easy & completely obligation-free questionnaire. Tell me a little bit about your needs & I'll reach out with some cost effective quotes & see if we can't take this branding journey together! Simple as that.

Next steps.
So you're ready to sail the seas with me? Awesome! Let's determine which logo package best suits you & your company's needs. We'll schedule some time to chat either by phone, in person, or even via email, if that's easier for you, so I can make sure I'm 120% clear about your vision & needs. Then I'll whip up some options & we'll whittle it down to the winner! I'll provide you with all the necessary files so you can take your finished logo & do with it what you need. Need business cards, stationery or social media assets? I'll take care of that too. You'll have a one-of-kind logo & corporate branding that'll elevate you above your competitors & leave you feeling proud of your brand's identity—a feeling every business owner should have.